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Champagne Tower at Wedding Reception.

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Tented Outdoor Wedding Reception on The Bradford's Rear Patio.


The Bradford Wedding Reception Venue near Raleigh, NC

The Bradford wedding venue in New Hill holds one of the very best reception locations in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. As a wedding photographer, I have seen a LOT of places. But the natural lighting and bright ambiance of this space puts it on top. Add to this, the very classical tiled patio lawn, and its just racking up extra credit. 

The Reception Hall at The Bradford is really wonderful because it contains enough space for large events, but also maintains versatility. I have seen weddings where the reception takes place all indoors, in the reception hall. And I have seen weddings which take place outside on the tiled lawn under the night sky and strewn twinkling lights (and maybe a tent). And of course, I have seen couples who have done both for a very open, free flowing reception plan. 

I have also seen the bar be either in the reception hall, or indoors within the first floor of the house. OR you could even bring in something like the adorable Vita Vibe cart to bring the bar outdoors. This also would add to the very european vibes of the venue. 

When it comes to catering, they have it all set up very professionally to host the catering company which you choose. I have also done a wedding where the couple hired food trucks and ice cream trucks for a fun selection of food options. 

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If you are planning your wedding at The Bradford, and need any information about what to expect, vendors to recommend, etc, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please also see my other articles below about the Bradford wedding venue in Raleigh for more information.

And if you are interested in having me photograph your gorgeous wedding memories, please message me! It is always a joy to photograph a wedding at this gorgeous Raleigh venue with all its luxurious grandeur. You an also feel free to have a look through my blog or portfolio.

Thank you and congratulations!

Michelle Elyse

Michelle Elyse Photography

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Epic Dancing at Reception.

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Luxurious Reception Decor.

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Outdoor Reception at The Bradford Wedding Venue.


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