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Indoor Wedding Ceremony at The Bradford in New Hill, NC.


The Bradford Wedding Venue Ceremony 

The Bradford wedding venue in New Hill, NC is just a gorgeous location to have your wedding ceremony. This stately home situated just outside of Raleigh holds 12 acres of lush greenery surrounding it, and plenty of luxuriously groomed venue space. There are a few gorgeous places to hold your wedding ceremony at this gorgeous venue. As a wedding photographer who has photographed at The Bradford, I will guide you through each of them. 

The House

First of all, you could hold your ceremony with The Bradford with the house as your backdrop. Most do this in the back of the house, where their guests are seated on the tile patio. This option is very elegant. There is a short stack of stairs where couples usually center themselves in front of the door with iron railings on either side. Flowers can be strewn up the railings and around the door. It’s the perfect framing! All of my wedding photography packages include a custom timeline based on your needs and the best lighting for the day. However, in general, I would recommend choosing this site behind the house for a ceremony closer to sunset. as the sun sets directly opposite of this site (it would be shining right on you). 

Another idea that I have not seen done is to get married in front of the house. Here, there is the lovely fountain and circled drive. And there is still the set of stairs and doorway to frame you perfectly. I have always thought that the wall to the reception hall along the tiled patio would make a great ceremony site at this venue too. With such a large, open wedding venue, the options are really great and you can be as creative and unique as you like!

The Lawn

Here at the Bradford, an archway is set up for outdoor wedding ceremonies on the lawn as well. This spot is situated in the back of the house facing towards the forest (opposite of the main house). This location is gorgeous, and the lighting is favorable since the sun sets behind the trees. The arbor can be decorated and covered with flowers for a very naturally beautiful ceremony setting. 


As a wedding photographer, this Raleigh wedding venue actually has one of the few indoor ceremony options that I really love. Indoor weddings are held inside of the reception hall generally. But this area is full of windows which bring in natural light. And the white walls allow your ceremony decor to be the focal point of the room. Both the lighting and aesthetic work really well, should you plan for an indoor wedding, or end up with this as your “plan B” due to rain. 

Contact Me – Raleigh + Destination Wedding Photographer

If you are planning your wedding at The Bradford, and need any information about what to expect, vendors to recommend, etc, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please also see my other articles below about the Bradford wedding venue in Raleigh for more detailed information on various topics.

And if you are interested in the possibility of having me photograph your gorgeous wedding memories, please message me! It is always a joy to photograph a wedding at this gorgeous Raleigh venue with all its luxurious grandeur. You an also feel free to have a look through my blog or portfolio.

Thank you and congratulations!

Michelle Elyse

Michelle Elyse Photography

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