What is an Editorial Wedding Photographer?

Editorial wedding photography
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Perfectly timed candids and eye catching detail shots are some hallmarks of Editorial Wedding Photography. All images by Michelle Elyse Photography (me!)

What is an Editorial Wedding Photographer?

Perhaps you’ve been hearing the term “editorial wedding photographer”. Its the new buzz word among wedding photography trends. But to a non-photographer couple planning their wedding, you may not know what it means when someone describes themselves this way. Even as a very experienced wedding photographer, I was at first confused at what this term meant exactly. But now, I’ve found the answers. So lets break down what this term “editorial wedding photographer” is all about.

The Short Answer

I’ll start with the short answer and then follow up with the longer explanation. The short answer is that an editorial wedding photographer is a photographer who shoots with an eye for editorial style. “Ok- but what is this editorial word you speak of?” you say. Well, editorial mainly refers to magazines and similar online publications.

Breaking down Editorial Style

Alright, so now that we have determined that editorial is a reference to magazines, lets break down how that can translate into wedding photography. Because this can go a couple of different ways.

Magazine worthy photos of people and products

Most commonly, an editorial photographer will aim to photograph weddings in a way that is considered “magazine-worthy”. ¬†Magazines prefer lifestyle images over stiffly posed. So, editorial photographers will aim to capture portraits that look effortless and natural. The focus will be on perfectly-timed candids, or maybe candids with some gentle guidance. Major publications also love to show off eye catching products their readers can buy or recreate. And, finally, they love to tell the story in their pages and posts that people can read. Elegant images full of genuine emotion are important here. As are photos that set the scene, such as sweeping landscape shots or wide reception shots.

A Priority on getting published

Some wedding photographers who label themselves as Editorial MAY make a point of getting published more than others. Perhaps they want to attract high end clientele who seek to see their very own wedding grace the pages of a well known blog. Or perhaps they aim to photograph in a style that is considered “magazine-worthy”. This can be discerned simply by looking through their work.

What is NOT Editorial Wedding Photography?

Given the above, I would say that photographers who use stiff poses, poor editing, skip the detail shots, or don’t tell the story of the whole day could not be labeled as editorial wedding photographers, because these sort of images don’t typically make it into magazines and they don’t capture the full scene and story of the day.

The Summary

To sum it up: who wouldn’t want an editorial wedding photographer? An editorial wedding photographer will have a style of photography which covers a broad variety of images to tell the story of your day. They focus on natural looking portraits and beautiful photos of all the details of the day. For example: stunning scenery shots to set the scene and close up shots of the flowers, reception details, etc. They take photos that look like something you might see in a magazine feature or ad. Most top rated wedding photographers likely have an editorial style. Although not all wedding photographers will describe themselves in this way, and though many may not have the time to submit their images for publishing.

To see some examples of editorial wedding photography full of elegant documentary photography, gently guided candids, and gorgeous detail shots, you can have a look at THIS wedding I did at The Meadows.


If editorial wedding photography sounds like the style of photography you are looking for, please feel free to contact me on my inquiry form HERE. I can’t wait to learn all about you two and your plans!

Much Love,

Michelle Elyse


Editorial wedding photographer
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You can't properly tell the story of the day without elegant, perfectly timed candids. These are crucial in editorial wedding photography.

Editorial wedding photographer
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Pics of Interesting details that catch the eye are common in editorials

Editorial wedding photographer
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Sweeping landscapes that set the tone of the day along with photos of the beautiful wedding day decor. Both very big among editorial wedding photographers.

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